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Advanced monitoring systems

This is one of the many advantages that Reliance offers to enable you to Monitor and manage your workplace in an advanced and civilized manner 24 hours a day Remote surveillance is no longer confined to sight or audio You can also talk to your staff through the camera itself From anywhere and anytime.

Anti-theft systems

This technology was made to be a loyal and watchful guard for your safety and the protection of your property, not only confined to wrestling but it evolved to teach you about the events In your absence, you can contact you and tell you about a security breach And inform you of his place and lighting the entire place and capture thieves By closing all the ports of the place electronically.

Protection from gas and fire

In cases of fire fighting, AED may be better than Qantar treatment.
Once sensors for smoke or gas have been sensed, automatic orders are cut off gas sources electronically. It tells you about the place of warning or leakage to prevent its spread, and can connect the fire system with anti-theft system and placed under the control of the rotating station.

Computer networks

Computer networks are the base of the pyramid on which all the modern equipment have been built. Accordingly, the company has a selection of equipment and professionals in dealing with it.

Motion sensor and remote control systems

The top of luxury is summed up in these systems, imagine a single touch that can control lighting and air conditioning, music, movies, energy and safety systems whether you are inside or outside. You can add these systems easily without having to crack or re-extend wires.

Secure attendance and access control

These systems enable you to adjust the time of employees and know their movements and give them access to specific places and to record this information and archiving them for long periods and retrieved when needed. One of the most advanced systems in this field is the electronic tracking system

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Reliance is a leading provider of digital security solutions,
Since its founding, the company has been focused on introducing advanced devices technology in the hands of users and provide full support for them to be used to meet their needs and provide them with the maximum benefit From the hardware it is here launched company logo

(We are your key to the world of technology)

The company adopted a team of young talents it could offer civilization solutions to your security problems, the company has developed itself by owning some of the highest quality agencies rated globally whose main market was Europe and America.

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